Friday, February 06, 2009

Tv and Games increase Depression risk


"Teenagers who spend a lot of time watching TV or playing video games are at higher risk of developing depression as young adults, a study has found.

American researchers looked at the viewing habits of 4142 healthy adolescents and followed them up seven years later, by which time 308 had developed depression.

When the study began in 1995, DVDs and the internet were not widely available and the teenagers used different electronic media for about 5.7 hours a day on average."

A) Video Cassettes? really?

B) in the past 13 years 'Electronic Media' has changed in massive ways, DVD's being somewhere in the middle of the big changes a long with a massive shift of the focus of gaming from singleplayer games to multiplayer games.

C) 20 percent of all teens develop depression in the US alone with wide ranging causes and in seven years that this study took 308 out of 4142 teens developing depression doesn't suprise me.

iiNet Vs Movie Studios & Channel seven


"In a landmark case that could stop pirates in their tracks, leading ISP iiNet has formally defended itself against claims by movie studios that it willingly permitted customers to download movies illegally."

This is just dumb, I completely agree with iiNet's position, sure people are using their service to illegally download stuff but it's like suing a Gun store for selling a gun someone then uses to rob a bank.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feeling Random Again

Random, Random, Random!


What's with show's I like getting cancelled?

it's stoopid.

Firefly, Hex, Earth Final Conflict, Andromeda, Buffy, Angel the list goes on and yet we have shows like big brother that go on and on for years at a time,

Wake up people it's 10 brain damaged people put in a house, normally I am all for the locking away of the Brain Dead, but it's the letting them back out that I find objectionable,

Survivor is a show that would be more entertaining to me if the people were in actual danger.

Don't get me started on the Bacholor/ette craptactular.

Idol? it's 90% crap singers and 1 really good singer that comes in second and gets a better record deal then the bugger who comes in first.

I play games, watch tv and movies etc. etc. to get AWAY from reality, I know what reality is and unfortunately it is beginning to be more and more stupid.

everybody has a podcast these days, who would have seen this coming?

I mean, I can download Good News Week, The Instance and Ninja Babes from Space.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

its been a while huh?

Its cause i generally suck at keeping these things updated.


People suck. newsflash huh?

but its true. it seems that in the next decade or so people are only going to get worse, I mean Scientology is actually being taken seriously enough that people feel the need to PROTEST against it,

if we ignore it, it will go away. hopefully.

it worked with the pullies in school right?

ok, maybe it didn't but at least you can look forward to in life when you will be earning umpteen millions in cash and the sucker will be working at some gas joint? right?

and these days people are so, paranoid.

Person who plays video games? OMG HES GONNA GO SKITZO AND MURDER US ALL
and so on.

I would take these things more seriously, but I am unable.

You hear that mic's planted in my brain? I care not!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My chair has two wheels

im feeling random and so i am just going to write a random rant.


or dont.

what ever.

when your driving down a road and decide for whatever reason you wish to turn, INDICATE it is not that hard, infact actually driving the car is harder then telling people you want to turn, it doesnt even require thought and yet some people are unable to spare that much thinking power.

there should be an IQ test before you get a licence, if you have a lower IQ then an eggplant, you should not be DRIVING.

i have nearly been run over WAY to much, I like to walk places, it is good exercise and it allows you time to think about different things,


do not get me started on people who HONK at ME after, I am not the one in the wrong, just because you are in a car does not give you the right to do whatever the hell you want to do.

why on earth do people say 'lawl' now?

it was used to MOCK people who said "lol" it was not used seriously... at first, now though, people call you a noob if you ask them WHY they are saying such an IDIOTIC thing.


it was ok when used to mock you idiots. but now you have taken it and twisted it, like the word 'nerf'

nerf was good, then overused by internet morons who think they are funny but infact they are only able to repeat phrases they have seen other people use.

its only funny the first time. the next 5000 times gets annoying, and the next 10000 after that IS RETARDED.

I've taken to using proper english now, I am taking a stand against 'L33t Speak' 'internet lingo spewing MORONS'

Non retarded people of the internet, I urge you to stand with me against the legion of internet retards, i know we are outnumbered but we are perhaps the only hope for future generations.. if these internet retards keep up with the reproducing can you imagine what it would be like?

the internet and the human race would be DOOMED!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dentists + Centrelink = FUCK ME!

ok.. so i have had a tooth ache for the past week and a half, ive been getting by on Neurofen.

anyway, last night the pain becomes unbearable... i ran outta neurofen, so i decide tomorrow i was gonna go to the dentist, then i spent the next 5 hours trying not to think about the pain.

found Panadol( not as good as Neurofen but it does... something)

so I make a dentists appointment today after 30mins on the phone, i then realise i have to go to mission Employment.

With no sleep and after taking 9 panadol and 2 Neurofen(the shops is on the way to mission so i bought more neurofen)

this naturally made mission even more hellishly stupid then usual..
on the plus side the IQ being drained from my brain made me forget the pain... or maybe that was the neurofen... either way.

after 30mins their i decide enough is enough and head to the dentists,
which funny enough appears to be apart of some primary school

so here i am, tired, hopped up on pain killers in a primary school.. so naturally i find my way to the prinicpals office.

dont ask me how. i DONT KNOW.

anyway, she gave me directions.

so i finally arrive at the dentists.

im happy cause no more PAIN.

i should have known better when i got there so easily.

my healthcare card is out of date. 1 week out of date to be precise and they cannot see me cause they do not know if i will be getting another one.

so here i am... tired hopped up on painkillers... soon as one or the other wears off im going to burn down either centrelink or the dentist clinic.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mission Employment... Mission Impossible

Same damned thing,

Every Tues, Wed and Thurs day i am require to give up 2 hours of my day to go to this job agency and look for work,

this is a typical visit

I walk in, sign in at the sign in sheet, putting down a time at least 10 mins earlier then i arrived and 30mins later then i plan to leave,
I walk in, grab a sheet avoid(unsuccessfully I might add) one of the annoying reverse marketers.. which i think theyre called that because theyre try to sell you to an employer by pointing out your worse faults...
anyway I then get held up ten minutes by one of them and spend the entire time saying "Yeap, yeah... ok, sounds good.." they know that centrelink says that i cannot turn down a job so why do they keep asking me if i want to do it, like i have any real choice in the matter,

finally i get to one of the.... overgrown calculators(calling them crappy computers is an inuslt to crappy computers everywhere) and log on to the net.
i then spend the next ten minutes looking for 3 jobs to apply for and write down on the sheet,
while i laugh on the inside at the other more pathetic people in there, is using a computer really all that difficult, everything is clearly labelled most of the time
and yet people still go "uhhh where is the internet"


do not get me started on the people unable to locate the A: Drive.

anyway, sometimes these... somewhat overzealous employees usually come and sit next to you
Employee:"How are you?"
fucking great... i still do not have a job.
Me:"I'm Good"
Employee:"So hows the job search coming?"
i'm still here aint I... so obviously its been awesome.
Me: "Ok"
Employee:"What kind of work are you looking for?"
the kind that pays maximum wage for minimum effort
Me:"anything really"
Employee: "Alright then just keep at it"
Me: "I will, thanks"
for nothing.

after that i drop my completed form into the appropriate tray and run the fuck out before i can get cornered by another annoying fucktard... I mean employee.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So long Britney, we Hardly Knew Ye

Lets face it, even if she did release another album it just wouldnt be the same,

right now 95% of you are prolly saying out loud "Why the hell would you listen to that teeny bopper crap"

85% just thought "yeah.. thats Sad"

you know what, I hate people who judge me by the music i listen to, who think that i should be listening to what they like instead of what i like, and 99% they don't even know what tehy like they have to be told by other people what to like.

when i asked my friends and various other people what the hell was wrong with Britney Spears singing they could only answer me thus "Everyone knows it sucks"

apparently everyone doesnt include the other 10 million people who bought the album,
yes 9 million of those weer prolly girls between the ages of 9 and 15 I am not saying that britney spears wasnt heavily marketed to the young girl audience

im saying why is it ok for other people to listen to what they want and not for me?

why is it you can listen to Snoop Dogg at 100% volume and if i play Britney spears at 10% you start going mad.

wtf is up with that? see i do not have a problem with people listening to music i don't like, i just walk out of the room or put headphones on,
why do you feel the need to tell me to "shut that crap off" ?

I tell everyone the same thing, "you Don't like it? i am not holding a gun to your head leave."

I will listen to whatever i like to, I live in a free country and as such i have the right to listen to what i want.

and that is exactly what I am going to do.

so to all of you who don't like my music? Fuck Off.