Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dentists + Centrelink = FUCK ME!

ok.. so i have had a tooth ache for the past week and a half, ive been getting by on Neurofen.

anyway, last night the pain becomes unbearable... i ran outta neurofen, so i decide tomorrow i was gonna go to the dentist, then i spent the next 5 hours trying not to think about the pain.

found Panadol( not as good as Neurofen but it does... something)

so I make a dentists appointment today after 30mins on the phone, i then realise i have to go to mission Employment.

With no sleep and after taking 9 panadol and 2 Neurofen(the shops is on the way to mission so i bought more neurofen)

this naturally made mission even more hellishly stupid then usual..
on the plus side the IQ being drained from my brain made me forget the pain... or maybe that was the neurofen... either way.

after 30mins their i decide enough is enough and head to the dentists,
which funny enough appears to be apart of some primary school

so here i am, tired, hopped up on pain killers in a primary school.. so naturally i find my way to the prinicpals office.

dont ask me how. i DONT KNOW.

anyway, she gave me directions.

so i finally arrive at the dentists.

im happy cause no more PAIN.

i should have known better when i got there so easily.

my healthcare card is out of date. 1 week out of date to be precise and they cannot see me cause they do not know if i will be getting another one.

so here i am... tired hopped up on painkillers... soon as one or the other wears off im going to burn down either centrelink or the dentist clinic.

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Anonymous said...

dude, paracetamol (aka panadol) can cause problems to yr liver, mate!..